I am now an art-teist...

This summer I took an art class, and got inspired to create. I create pieces that are original, and now love finding the perfect mix of hues to create a statement in decor. I like figuring out other pieces that would go along with the paintings as well. Here are some of my recent creations! Canvases can only be delivered in the Wichita area, but prints can be mailed all over.  

"Orange Coral"
Original acrylic painting on linen paper
8 x 10 

"Strikes out"
Original acrylic painting on linen paper
8 x 10 

"Bleeding Heart"
Original acrylic on canvas

This one I titled "Minnows" It started like this... and I wasn't satisfied. 

It was pretty and I loved the blues, greens and grays, but it was too perfect for abstract. So I did this... 

And now I am very happy with it! 

Original acrylic on canvas
20 x 20 

What do you think? I'm a new art-tiest, I can take the constructive feedback. 

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Bianca said...

Oh my gosh! I am so impressed with your drive! You are awesome!

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