Room of the day: Black and Brown all over.

I want to do a black and brown room. Some say, "That's too dark, it will make your room small." I say, "It's cozy, step back."

Don't be afraid to paint a room a dark color. I painted my new office a slate gray, and I loveeee it. I will show pics when finished.

In this black and brown room I would use the following as inpiration.

I love the look of deep black with 'horse-leather-strap' brown, and rich gold.

Then I would add touches of gold in lamps... (really need these for my office).

After that I would add a dynamite gold convex mirror. Possibly one with an eagle.

Arcitecture pictures are always a fav.

And I might just wear this skirt while sitting in the room.

Images via Pinterest (my addiction).

Happy Friday everyone!!

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