There's something about the 'Back-to-school' time of year that I just love. The feeling of walking into Target and seeing all new school supplies is indescribable. I bought new spirals immediately. Come on, everyone loves a good Five-Star. 

Remember Trapper-keepers? 

Anywhoo, J. Crew just revealed their new September catalog, with a new take on back to school. Back to Dance School that is... I just loved the creativity. 

And since we are going back to school, that means we will need new 'school' clothes. Let's get this. It's fun, and it would be great for the chilly tailgate games at O-State. 

These loafer-pumps I need. Probably in brown, but pink would be fab too. 

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Does anyone else get excited this time of year? Shout out to all my teacher gal-pals, you can do it!

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