Weekend Recap.

 This weekend we went to the Farmer's Market here in Wichita. Fresh food, crazy entertainment, taco truck, crafts, beautiful weather, etc. 

Succulents. Preetttyyy.

Then, we found this guy, a 'magician'?! That's what he called it. Anyhoo, if you look closely by the white tent, he was hammering nails into his nose. Let's just say things got weird when he asked me to be his assistant.

Off to a hole in the wall Mexican place called Connies. Legit. The oldest family owned Mexican restuarant in Wichita. Awesome becuase = 1. They fry their tacos. 2. This burrito was the width of my shoulders.


After lunch, we went to a couple local Antique Malls in Delano and I found this mirror, that I love. I really think I might go back to get.

Decided to put on my wedding dress... Bo wanted to play Cinderella.

Ending the night with a champagne toast and cake!


Bianca said...

Looks like perfection!

Emily said...

What a fun weekend! LOVE that you put on your wedding dress. And you must go get that convex mirror.. its fab!


Three Pink Dots said...

Thanks miss Bianca! Hope you had a good one as well!

Three Pink Dots said...

Thanks Emily! I agree... wish I had a client that needed it, or I had a black room with tan leather and bookcases to put it!

Coffeetalk said...

Omg! connie's is one of our fav restaurants!!! All meat burrito is the only way to go!

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