You may now dip your Bride.

Three-hundred-sixty-five......days ago, I married the man of my dreams with a wedding and celebration I will never forget!

I promise not to get too mushy. Just want to re-live the day through photos. Wanna join?

Here are my favorite moments.

1. Makeup - the first essential of the day.

2. My wedding shoes.

3. My getting ready shoes.

4. New initials.

5. Pink Pop Champagne.

6. The guest book, "Oh, The Places You'll Go!" 

7. Take away gifts.

8. The Invitation and the Wedding Program. 

9. Doing exactly what I'm not supposed to do. (Pulling up my dress).

10. Seeing daddy in my dress.

 11. Prayer before the ceremony.

12. Seeing Tate for the first time down the aisle. Whew, this was a toughie!

13. Messing up our vows. "I give you my life, and love... life/love?!"

14. The surprise dip kiss, it worked!

15. Tate's Kentucky Fried Chicken Cake. He really loves fried chicken.

Funnel Cakes

16. The first dances...

17. The wedding cake that collapsed the day of.

18. The Tater-Tot Bar. He's my little Tater-Tot.

Mom gettin' busy with it. 

19. Friends and Family

Sister and hubby!

20. The L-O-V-E made out of Plywood, Marshmallows, Tissue Paper.... craziness.

21. Probably my favorite photo, my Grandmother's hands. I love the stories in her wrinkles, her wedding ring, her pink suit.....

22. The Band! Smilin' Vic and the Soul Monkeys are awe-some.

 23. Suspenders.

24. Tate's wedding gifts.

 Kaelee, Tate's sister getting married in six weeks!!!

25. Sparklers and send-offs (while forgetting to turn on the lights.)

If you are still reading, you deserve an award. Thanks for joining me on this trip back down memory lane. I can't believe it's been a year already! 


Bianca said...

Absolutely beautiful bride, awesome wedding and precious couple!!

SukeLephens said...

I started following your blog on bloglovin! COOL STUFF

AO said...

Loved this! I'm a sucker for weddings though...
Everything looked absolutely perfect!
Happy 1st Year Anniversary!!

Emily said...

Oh my gosh Lauren, I LOVE that picture of your grandmother's hands! Hands are seriously my favorite thing... weird, I know. But I agree with you, they tell the story of that person!

Three Pink Dots said...

Thanks Bianca!! You are so sweet. You were the beautiful beach bride!

Three Pink Dots said...

Thanks Sukey Lephens! So glad you are a follower now. Miss you!

Three Pink Dots said...

Yes, thanks Emily!!! I absolutely agree. I asked Tate if I could blow it up and hang it somewhere artisitc... he said that was a little weird. Whatevs. I'm still going to do it, just not on the mantel anymore. :)

Three Pink Dots said...

Thanks Ashley!!! Miss you girl. Hope work is going well.

Diane said...

Happy 1st Anniversary! Paul and I so enjoyed being a part of the wedding - well, the watching, sniffling, laughing, dancing, eating part! XXOO to you both!

Suzanne said...

Happy Anniversary! Lauren, these pictures are beautiful and remind me of what a wonderful time we all had at your wedding and reception. Love the picture of Aunt Polly. Love Aunt Polly! She is so precious and so are you! Love you!
Suzanne : )

Jenni said...

What a beautiful wedding! I am planning myself for June of 2013. I LOVE your Wedding Program (came across it on Pinterest) and would love to know where you found those silhouettes of the bridal party? I'm a designer and can't seem to find the perfect ones. If you could let me know, that would be great :) Thanks!

Three Pink Dots said...

Thanks Jenni! Congrats on your engagement. I used Laurel on Etsy, a designer with "Go against the grain".

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