What's in her bag? Guest Post : Blonde in Beijing

This morning I have the pleasure to introduce to you one of my favorite people, Morgan Hutchinson, blogger from 'Blonde in Beijing". This Kentucky gal has now moved to Beijing, and is traveling the world with her new husband, Brett. She is so darling, if you don't follow her yet, you should. Pretty much the most darling gal I have ever met.

Via B in B
Via City Weekend
Via City Weekend

As a little starlet in Beijing, she's graced the issue of City Weekend in China and has already done a fashion interview for MTV China among other things like sitting behind Jackie Chan at an event. (See photo below)

Morgan and Brett just had the most amazing wedding, a fun filled circus adventure that was O-T-T (Over the Top) in a good way. Here a just a few photos from the wedding.

Photos via B in B

Morgan is one of the three darling owners of Passport Panties. Some of your have heard me talk about my dream internship with these ladies back in college. One of the best times of my life I tell ya. If you haven't checked out their website yet, now you can.

Now, for the first official guest post on Three Pink Dots, we have the the "What's in her bag?" series... let's get the inside scoop of what Morgan carries around in Beijing.

Other than her to-die-for purse, here are the inside deets!

1. Passport inside Passport Panties Case
2. IPad
3. IPhone with earbuds
4. Sunglasses with case
5. Band-Aids
6. Wine wipes - AMAZING!
7. Monogrammed Damask Sneezies
8. Canon US 1000 HS Camera
9. Big Sexy Hair Travel Hair Spray
10. Teasing comb
11. Tylenol
12. Keys with Barbie Keychain
13. Wallet
14. Bobby pins, hair ties, and a hair clip
15. 3 shades of lipstick/gloss: pink, nude, and red
16. Agent Provocateur Purse Spray
17. Pens
18. Mac Pressed Powder
19. Peter Coppola Refreshing Towelettes
20. La Roche-Posay 50+ SPF

Thanks Morgan for playing What's in her bag! Follow Blonde in Beijing to see Morgan's impeccable taste in fashion and her travels around the world! 


Emily said...

Great post! I will be happy to start a purse exchange with Morgan- that bag is TO DIE FOR!!

xo, Emily


Coffeetalk said...

Oh her blog is one of my fav's!!!

Three Pink Dots said...

Me too Coffeetalk! She's a doll.

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