Stage Demo Saturday

Dear Wichita Follwers,
This weekend I will be giving a live stage demonstation at Holiday Galleria for the Junior League on "DIY Decor". Stop by the show on Saturday at 2:30 pm for easy holiday decor items that you could make this weekend!

I would love to see your cute little faces in the crowd nodding and smiling. If you can't make it, don't worry I will do a recap on the event next week. Thanks loves!

P.S. Anyone have an idea of what I should wear?! Leave a comment below and help a sista out. Right now I just have earrings.



Emily S. Davis said...

Awesome! What a fun event. I think you should wear something like this:

It's easy, but polished. Have fun!!

Sarah Baker said...

Ok. I think you should wear something "holiday". Red and white stripped tights. White skirt, red tucked in top, big green bow in your hair. Just sayin. It would be festive.

Or you could match your sexy pumpkins.

This could be good.

Three Pink Dots said...

YES! I love that. skirt. If you could help me find that somewhere in Wichita that would be purrfect. Good idea!

Three Pink Dots said...

Ooo matching the sexy pumpkins might be a little much for daytime show. :)

Laura @ The Steen Style said...

Way to go!! Enjoy it, can't wait to hear about it. The people at Mistletoe Market (OKC's version of the same thing) LOVE the small town bling get-up. But, you should rise above that and steer clear. Black and gold is always classy! :)

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