Like a one-armed paperhanger.

Lately, life has been chaotic, or as my mom has always said "like a one-armed paperhanger"= crazy. (Disclaimer - I am not making fun of anyone with one arm... that be so hard to hang wallpaper with one arm!) Anyway, speaking of wallpaper.... I decided to take on a new little project the other night.

I bought this perfect wallpaper in the design district in Dallas, at a showroom going out of business. It's a toile and the orange color was perfect for a pop in the den.

Then I took my mat, and laid it on the wallpaper as a stencil to cut out the correct size. The mat is a great stencil, because I get to see what I am placing in the center of the frame. 

See how the orange in the wallpaper is in the same color family as the Dorothy Draper chest? 

Then, I hung the four new art pieces as a frame around the T.V. which makes the T.V. not such a big eye-sore on the wall. Yes, we love watching television, and it is great, but as far as in the design world... they are kinda a bad word, really just hard to decorate around. 

What do you think? I'd love to hear. 


Bianca said...

I absolutely love it! Gosh you're good! It occurs to me at this moment that I have yet to hang one thing on the walls of my home...

Three Pink Dots said...

Thanks!! Well do you need me to come over? I can bring my hammer? :)

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