Off With Her Legs!

It's just about that time for Halloween wreaths everyone.. As promised, here are the steps on making a Halloween Tutu wreath. (These could be made for any occasion, just change your tulle colors!)

Here's the finished product.

and... 6. A small canvas, for your family name. Forgot that one, woopsy.

Here are the simple and easy steps for your Tutu wreath.
1. Wrap your straw wreath with felt or ribbon. Warning: do not unwrap the wreath, leave the plastic on.. this will make a huge mess!
2. Pin or hot glue the end of your wrapped ribbon or felt so it will not unravel. (this is just to cover your bases if the tulle splits and then it will show the ribbon instead of straw.)
3. Take your tulle, about 8-10 inches long and tie two knots around the wreath, leave tulle sticking up.
4. Go all the way around your wreath, alternating colors. On the wreath above, I did four black, one orange, four black, one green, repeat.
5. Once all tied, take scissors and give your wreath a 'Barbie doll haircut" just make it even to the length you like.
6. You could leave it like this, or add the witchyness!

For a Witch:
I needed Witch legs, and fast... so I bought this girl. 

And.. cut off her legs! Whala, = Witch legs, ready to go.

Now, attach your legs with hot glue or pins. Stick them at the bottom of the wreath. You could make these too, but I just didn't have enough time.

Lastly, I painted a small canvas with our family name on it, and wedged it inside the wreath. This way it looks like the Witch smashed into the door!

I aslo did a tu tu wreath for Valentines day last year, and it snowed... alot. Leaving me with a frozen tutu. This just shows you that tulle holds up in even snowy weather!

Let me know if you all have questions! Send me a pic of your tutus, I have already seen one from Lindsey!

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Heather said...

That is adorable! I may have to give it a try.

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