Sexy Pumpkins

Welcome new readers from the Stage Demo on Saturday at the Junior League Holiday Galleria! Thanks for coming out, smiling, and participating - you all were awesome. This week  we will be recaping those DIY Decor items we did on Saturday. First up, Sexy Pumpkins. So simple and easy you could do this tonight, after work!

Supplies you need:
 - A couple pie pumpkins. (Found in the vegetable/fruit section of your local grocery).
 - A few pairs of lace stockings. (I found mine in the clearance section at Target!)
 - Tiny black hair ties.
 - Dab of a little hot-glue gun.
 - Black tulle

1. Take your pumpkin and place it in your stocking just like you would your leg.

2. Shimy it all the way down till you get to the toe.

3. Cut off above the stem, and place a black hair tie arond the base of the stem.

4. Tie a black tulle bow to make a little "pretty" at the top and hide the hair tie.

5. If using a pretty thigh-high stocking, sometimes the pumpkins need a little hot glue to keep in place. After cutting below the pumpkin, simply place another hair tie to hold it together underneath the pumpkin.

That's all! Enjoy this little Monday project. Even fun halloween tights could be used, can I get a purple lace?

Stay tuned, tomrrow = Tutu wreaths including a smashing witch!

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Jax said...

ha! Too cute! I'm looking forward to the tutu wreaths!

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