Doors, dogs, and deliveries

Warning, today is random... but that is just what happens on Wednesday mornings. 

I saw this door for $3 at a garage sale last week. I was dying to buy it... paint it really fun colors and do something with it... but it wouldn't fit in my car. What would you have done with this? 

I want to get these little scottie dog bookends. I would put them in the shop... but after picking them up, I realized they were cast iron. Can we say million dollars shipping? I'm thinking about putting them in the Wichita-only shop. Can someone give me a space in their store? I need a fun store, that likes cool things. Like mirrors and chairs.

And... the other happening thing this week.. Michelle - your order from 3 Pink Shops is on it's way to you via the snail mail train! Hope you love it! 


Danielle Oakey Interiors said...

LOVE the door! I can't wait to see it painted.

Sasha said...

LOVE that door. You need a bungee cord! ha!
I like the idea of turning it horizontal and using it as
a headboard - painted in bold colors. Or have mirror cut for the 3 shapes and hang it horizontally behind a buffet.

Mom's the Word said...


Kelly said...

Please put the "Westies" not "Scotties" up for sale. I would buy them in a minute. I have a Westie pup named Winston and we call him "Winnie the dog." :)

Just found your blog today...and LOVE IT, love love love!


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