Project: Mini Wingback

So this semester in class, one of our projects was to make a chair. This could be a chair out of anything, water bottles, toothpicks, etc. It had certain dimensions it had to live within, but other than that free range!

Since I was going to spend time on this, I wanted to make a legit chair. One that we could use one day. So I made a Mini Wingback!
Here's how it started out... a really big sheet of wood. I drew out all the pieces, and cut them out with a jig-saw. Yes - you heard me right. I, the one who doesn't do the tool thing, cut these out. Hubby supervised while the tools were on. And made me wear the really cool goggles. 

Why? Well, he said "Your dad would kill me if I didn't make you wear them." True.
Safety First. 
Isn't she cute?
Next, I primed her. 

 Now time to plug my favorite new paint. You guys, it's like painting with butter. Melted butter. Seriously, it's the new best thing. And they have cool colors. Leg-it.
I painted one coat..
 When finished, I started to get worried. If it ends up streaky like this... we are in big trouble.
 Then, it was time to make a little seat! So I cut out a piece of wood that would fit perfectly within the chair bottom.
 Covered it with 2-inch foam. As you can see, I messed up and cut a corner off. Not to worry you can piece this together and it will never show!
 Covered with batting (to hide my mistakes) and used an electric staple gun on the back.
 Bo, get out of my picture. This always happens!
 Much better. Oh, and I forgot to tell you what I used on the tops of the chair. I took old finials from a drapery rod and screwed them into the top for a little added fun.
This will serve purpose as a time-out chair in the very far-off future. That way it matches our living room when the little bambino comes!


Bianca said...

OK lil miss multi talented... if you got something to say, just say it. If I find out there is a baby bump here on the ol' bloggy blog we're gone have a problem. ;)

brandonandlindslitzner said...

Love it!! And if your future child is anything like mine, that chair will serve it's purpose well. ;)

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