This year my mantle is a tad man-ly. That's fine, because I want it that way. I decided to continue on the "tartan-chic-hunting-equestrian" theme throughout the house for a cohesive look. 
 First I started with the lattice mirror in the background to project light, and then added my new cintage brass urn with deer antlers and greenery.
Then I kept my traditional  blue & white vases with the preserved boxwoods and flanked the mantle with my sparkly gilver deer.
Inserted greenery with pine-cones throughout the whole piece and then added red Tartan bows, of  course.
These stockings are our place holders until I get new ones... a last minute find last year and well... they work.

More Christmas pics to come soon!


July said...

I love those stockings! So pretty and classy!

Laura @ The Steen Style said...

seeing tartan plaid EVERYWHERE and it always makes me think of you! Great job.

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