Chandy Candy

Last weekend I had my annual Valentines Party and the house was adorned in pink, red and gold all over.   
 I fancified up the chandelier with what I like to call Chandy Candy = beautiful drops of color to make a festive table. I used the DIY glass ornaments and swirled around my own concoction of pink and red paint. It was a fun but messy project.

 I love how some of the dyes turned out!
I also finally hung my sconces on the wall. I have had these for over a year now... but for some reason have yet to put them up. Now... let there be light (candlelight) with the new sconces!
Here are the little chinoiserie devils close up. 
I love how the mirror on them reflects the bookcase across. 
Oh yeah, and I made a new art piece. This ones a biggie. 

Have a wonderful weekend y'all see you next week! 


Emily Davis said...

Everything is looking GREAT! I love the festive chandy.

xoxo, Emily

Laura @ The Steen Style said...

I'm obsessed with those scones!!

Lauren said...

Love the Chandy Candy! Cute name and great idea!

Sasha said...

That piece of art would look fantabulous in our living room!!

Coffeetalk said...

Really like the art work! -Tiffany

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