Shop Spotlight: Inslee

I'm sure many of you have seen the wonderful artwork by Inslee. She is so talented and can sketch a some of the most beautiful pieces. I really enjoy browsing through her shop and have many things in my "cart" that I wish I could decide on.

I could see this framed in my closet by my jewelry selection. It would make getting ready feel like shopping in a boutique wouldn't it?
I love a good ponytail. This one is perfect. Maybe it would inspire me to wear a poofy pony more often. 

Other than prints, she also sells notecards and calendars. I think this one for Valentines is on point.
The traveler with perfect pretty curls.
 And the everyday white tee with a braided up-do = yes please.
 In the gallery, she has some of her more artsy, commission pieces. This one is outstanding.
 Even her "About Me" section and photo is sketched, how cute?! Contact her for commission or any questions, she could even draw your blog header if you want. I'm very impressed with this lady!

All images via Inslee by Design 


guitar_girl714 said...

These are so beautiful!! So much talent here!!


Nat said...

I love her work! I would cover my master bedroom in it but my husband finds it too girly, maybe one day I can convince him!

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