Bar Cart Art

While perusing around for a coming up project and looking for art for a client's bar cart, I found these images that I thought were just the bomb diggity. 

A. I love blueprints. B. This tells you how to make all the cool vintage cocktails too! Perfect for above the bar. 

This one would be perfect if you are from, or love San Fran. For some reason the Bachelor does, they go every season. 
Maybe I have a thing with maps? Probably. I liked this one because it's a foreign map. And I didn't know the sea was divided up into regions either. Learn something new!

Hello color. This kinda looks like a giant pregnancy test gone wrong... was I supposed to see blue or pink?!

This one is for my dad. He knows the code and used to talk on his radio back in high school. Insert giggle.  Just another Steve Jobs in the making. It would be funny to have this above your bar and make your guests "tap" their order to you... 

That's all for today, hope you are inspired to put art above your cart now! 

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Lauren said...

I love 1, 2 & 5! So fun and unique. My hubs and I visited San Fran last year and loved it... I think he would love that picture!

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