What's in her bag? The Peak of Tres Chic

1. The purse I am currently carrying is by Marc Jacobs.  I love it - it's so roomy yet structured in appearance. 

2. My wallet is Louis Vuitton- I have carried it for a few years now and just love it!  I am a sucker for anything red.

3. I love lipstick!  I wear a mixture of colors.  Currently, I am carrying Benefit Full-Finish Lipstick in Wild Card, Chanel Lipstick in #46- Liberte, and Chanel Lipstick in #54- Boy.

4. Although I live in humid Houston, TX, the weather gets somewhat dry during the winter.  That's why I like to keep a small bottle of Origins Ginger Cloud smooth body balm in my purse to moisturize with throughout the day.

5. Lancome Artliner Eyeliner in Noir is my go-to eyeliner.  It gives that liquid liner look, yet has a very fine felt tip, which makes it easier to line my lids without smudging.

6. Chanel powder is my go-to makeup powder.  I tend to get oily in my t-zone during the day, so this compact is great for touch-ups when I want to keep that matte look.

8. iPhone with J Crew Glitter phone case

It was such a blast having my new bloggie friend The Peak of Tres Chic over for the What's in her bag? series. If you haven't been by her blog, it's one of my new favs; I am sure to check it out every morning! And, what a cute little blog header! 


Sam [The Peak of Tres Chic] said...

Lauren! You are so sweet- you made my post so pretty! Thank you for letting me stop by today. I had so much fun putting this together!



Bianca said...

Love this series!

Michelle said...

Isn't she the cutest?!

Sunkissed and Southern said...

love that bag! secondly, your bag is way to clean. jealous!

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