Mi Madre Casa

My mother just re-decorated one of her guest rooms, in fact the room I grew up in. Still in the process, but I wanted to show you some of the final looks! 
The custom bedding consists of a beautiful leopard toile, and navy velvet. 
 The master made the drapery, pillows, bed skirt herself! Such a talented lady...
 Side table with antique bamboo tray.
 One of my favorite treasures, a tortoise shell lacquered box. I tried to steal, but she caught me.
 She still has a vintage pagoda chandelier to hang a few more items to place in the room. Once she is done I will give the big reveal so you can see!

Next I put on my husbands shoes and went out to see what she had brewing in the garden.
 Did I say she was talented? Her garden is unreal. The woman may spend 24 hours a day outside, but you can tell. It's like the Botanical gardens in the back. This is mint.
 Iris from I think my great grandmothers garden.

 This small tree we had placed all around our wedding I have two, my mom has a few, etc. This one is still looking strong, and will bloom bright pink flowers all over later this summer. Since we had the wedding in late August, the tree were in full bloom. I loved bringing the outside in for our wedding.
 Peonies, ready to pop!
 My new favorite plant, the twisty baby. I don't know the real "gardner speak" name, but we call it Twisty Baby.
 It has really cool little leaves, and the branches are really... twisty.
 Gotta represent her two Theta girls, with Pansies all over.
 Looking up into the Blue Atlas Cedar, I just thought it was pretty.
And her pretty little birdhouse. She had to stick the garden fork inside the hole so the birds don't make it a true birdhouse. They did that last year, and it was a mess. Must of had a party inside, look at the busted window!

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Bianca said...

Your mama is beautiful inside and out. It only stands to reason that her home would be too :)

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