Spotted: Indian Tribal Stool

Do you ever place something in your design and then later happen to see it in a design magazine or publication of another designer? This has happened to me a lot lately. Recently, I have found really unique items and spot them used in another really cool design. Here's an example. 

I found this little Indian Tribal Stool at a great antique mall in Kansas. I loved the unique carving and inlay on the top. I needed a small table for one of my clients, and it fit perfect! 

Between two wonderfully re-done french chairs, it creates the perfect conversation area. 
I love the imperfectness of the shape on the top. It just shows that it's a quality made antique and not so "Pier-1 like".
And the way the sunlight comes through the lattice work done on the side. Perfection.
Then while browsing the many wonderful design blogs that I do, I saw this little one. The same stool!
I don't know where this designer got hers, or what story it holds... but I love that we have both used them in two unique spaces. From Australia to Kansas, there are some cool pieces out there.

Last photo via Vogue - Australia, Sarah Davis Interior Design on blog

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KAYLYN said...

whoa! blast from the past! My parents had a stool that looked exactly like this in our house when i wasa growing up. My mom had it in a corner with a big potted plant on it!

brought back fond memories. what a great find!

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