Slice of my life.

Here's a little look at my life via iPhone lately. 
My [little] baby graduated from puppy school! A day that I never thought would come. The night may have ended with a tear in my eye as we celebrated with graduation ice cream on the way home. He was even nominated Vale-dog-torian. Such a smart one.  

Awesome Clarke & Clarke fabric I found the other day. Would be awesome wallpaper. 

The yummiest, tinniest, Starbucks Cookie Mocha Blast Coffee Thing I have ever had. 

Hubs and I made Sheeeshe-kabobs the night before we left town. Instead of frying the potatoes we decided to stack them all on a kabob stick and grill them. TASTY.

Indian over-dyed rug came in for nursery.

And, I prepared for my trip this past weekend by putting on the God's Country necklace. 

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Rebekah said...

Congrats on your graduate! ;)

Stephanie @ bourbon and glitter said...

Your vale-dog-torian is the cutest thing ever! And the kebobs look delicious

The Now said...

I need to follow you on Instagram!!! I love your dog first of all second, that rug is AMAZING and third, love that necklace! xoxo Elizabeth

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