Birchbox: June

Hey all you travel mavens, this BirchBox was for you. Including some of the most essential items you need to take while jet setting. 

Even the inside packaging looked like a passport book. Cute huh?

This was one of my better months! And once again, definitely worth the $10 monthly fee. It included: 

Comodynes - Self Tanning Towelettes - Can't wait to use these, I have heard good things. 

Stila - One Step Bronzer - Ok this is like a full size product, it's huge and just what I needed! I broke my bronzer and needed a new one because the little pieces were really getting to me and bam! New bronzer in my hand. I've already used it, and love it! I have this thing about bronzers, they can't be too orange (duh) or have too much sparkle... cause then you look like you're sweating. Ew. 

*Update - After I posted this I wanted to look up the size of the full size product! This is full size and retails at $36! Another bam. Got it for $10. 

The Balm Cosmetics - Stainiac in Beauty Queen - Anytime I get a lip stain or gloss I immediately try it on. This one is great because it's a lip stain or you can use it as a cheek stain and you have long lasting blush! 

Wonderstruck - Taylor Swift - Oh T. Swift, what product do you not have? This one is actually a nice summer scent. Kinda reminds me of Clinic Happy. I'll wear it for a month, sure. 

Luna Bar - Minis - Well of course I ate this in one second. Pretty good, I love Luna bars. And the mini are so cute! 

Once again, love BirchBox, it's such a great treat in the snail mail every month. If you want to get on the list, sign up here. I only had to wait a month on the waitlist. 

Next month, BirchBox is teaming up with Glamour magazine, so that will be super fun!


Bianca said...

I love how creative they get with their themes. Super cute!

Stephanie @ bourbon and glitter said...

Ours were exactly the same. I really liked it! I haven't tried the bronzer yet, but I was thrilled to get it

AboveUrban said...

I need to get over my fear of the orange and just try bronzer...

Jill J. said...

My box was so different! I got the stain and the towelettes - so excited to use those - but not the stila bronzer or luna bar. :( I got a makeup brush cleanser & leave in conditioner instead.

Birchbox is so fun but I wish we could choose our products sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Never heard of Birch Box. What is it?

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