In my pot garden.

So... I'm not the best gardener. I can do pots though... so I this year that's all I focused on. I also only do flowers so I can cut them and use around the house, or just pretty colors to look at. This is my color blocking pot. Pink Tubular Begonias in an orange pot. 
 I just loved the colors of this one with the cobalt blue pot.
Who doesn't love Pink and Green? God sure knew what he was doing when he created this.
And a little pot filled with Hosta, red-orange Impatience and yellow Begonia. 
Along with a little photo shoot of the Bo Bear. He looks so serious from this angle. 
And so silly from this one. "What?! Did you say t-t-t-treat?"


Stephanie @ bourbon and glitter said...

Aww look at that little face!!! Love him. And love the flowers in the blue pot, they look great.

The Now said...

Pot garden? I'm calling the authorities ;) And I can only plant in pots too! haha YOUR DOG!!! I love him! xoxo

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Love your pots. :) And your dog. Teehee.

Lauren said...

a) I LOVE cobalt. Always have, always will. b) jealous of your mad gardening skills. c) love the puppy pics! :)

Jenny said...

haha love the color blocking pot and plant! I may need to do this... I have been putting off planting flowers because I tend to just kill them all, maybe I'll try pots!

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