Look WHOOO'S Having a Baby - Sissy's Shower!

A few weeks ago, we threw my sister a baby shower she can coo over for years to come. The theme was Enchanted Storybook Forest with red, pink and turquoise. Just like we will coo over little Annie Beth as soon as she gets here! The shower was just like Sarah, vintage, colorful, sweet and cute. It all started with this little one... she was the inspiration for the shower. 

I got the template off Etsy, and went to town with scissors. Without my family's help at a dinner party... this would have never been completed. I can't thank them enough for those 84 wings and toes. 
This little vintage number I bought with my friend Erin at an antique mall in Texas. 
This was the entry table decorated to a "T" by the wonderful Sasha. That girl knows what she's good at. She filled the table with turquoise envelopes of brownie mix.
On the tag it said... "Pat a cake, Pat a cake, Bakers Man Brownies". This is funny because Sarah and Stephen's last name is Baker... and Sarah is a true baker.
I loved these colored sticks so much! The little owls you picked off the tree and that was your name tag.
 This floral arrangement we did was so whimsical I just loved it! And you have to have Baby's Breath... at a Baby Shower....
This was the cake. Is she not the cutest? We had a wonderful baker in Tulsa whip this up for us. It was beyond perfect and so tasty!
And here comes the mommy! Wearing her signature turquoise, almost ready to pop. 
 This was the cake and food table. Decorated with wood, moss, owls galore, and books!

We also asked guests to bring Annie Beth their favorite baby book in lieu of a greeting card. It was great because the nursery is being built in the Baker's library... this way she will start her book collection with many memories! I can't wait to read all those books to her.
 The smaller flower arrangements we made from my mothers garden. She has the most unreal flowers to pick from, perfect for the party.
 Yummy Apple - Strawberry fizz water.

 Vintage books, moss and flowers, winning combo.
 Bee Bee (my mom) and the mommy to be, Sarah! What a wonderful shower it was, I am so glad we got to celebrate this little bundle of joy!


Bianca said...

This is so amazing! Wonderfully whimsical :)

Alisa Marie said...

What a beautiful baby shower! She is one lucky lady!

Jenny said...

What a cute theme for a shower! very unique! I loveeeee all the decor and that cake! So awesome, pretty ironic too I just posted today about owl bookends! :)

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness- you did an amazing job! I hope you are an event planner- you could capitalize on your talents!!

Tina Milas said...

The shower turned out beautiful! Thank you for sharing my DIY Owl template!


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