It's my birthday!!!

Ok, well it's really tomorrow... but no one in their right mind blogs on Saturday unless it's big news. And this birthday is not really a big one. 

So let's celebrate today! A wonderful Friday (and Saturday, Sunday... Monday, etc.) to eat whatever, relax, and maybe get my nails done - because right now they are covered in paint. Want to join me? 

Other news: I am redoing my powder bath and it involves a little bit of the following: 


Happy weekend everyone! 


Coffeetalk said...

Happy Birthday Lauren! Tiffany

Stephanie @ bourbon and glitter said...

Yay! Happy Birthday! (almost) Can't wait to see the new bath ;)

Tracey D said...

happy day!

Cre8ive Motives said...

Happy Birthday! Glad I came across your blog, new follower :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Lauren!!!!! Have a great weekend! xoxoxo

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