Marbled paper turned artwork.

So here's the secret to the artwork. I know what you are thinking. $4.49? No way. That's what I thought until I ordered it and saw how awesome and high quality this marbled paper is in person. It even comes rolled up in a perfect little tube so nothing gets damaged. 

Where did I get this beaut? Paper Mojo is the name of the company. I think this paper is mostly made for packaging... but come on, who really wraps with this beautiful of paper? Maybe a really special present. 

To get this framed I wanted to keep my costs down so I headed to "Hobbly Lobbly" (what I used to call it when I was a little girl). Anyway, I took it in, and told them I wanted it floated on top of the mat. This trick instantly makes any artwork look more expensive. 

They have to put some sort of glue or tape on the back... and warning: they don't like doing this, but I said it's fine, "just do it." As they carefully wrapped up my prized artwork with white gloves on, I giggled a little inside. If she only knew it was 5 bucks. 

Disclaimer: to get everything framed and 50% off, it ended up being around $170 each. Not bad, Sally. 

Here's the website image of the one I got. It was the tangerine streak next to the gray that made my heart pound. 
What's so cool about these is they are freeform marble, so everyone is different! 
Dying to use this one, it's gorgeous! 
And this one, would be to-die-for with a brass frame. Can you say Malachite?! 
Hello midnight. This one is on sale for $3! 
 This is just beachy-chic-beautiful. I want to put this one in an acrylic frame.
They also have patterned ones. This one is pretty neat-o.
And this would would be darling in a little gals room. Yes, the chevron is trendy... but then again.. it was only 5 bucks!
paper images via Paper Mojo 

*Thank you all for your sweet comments yesterday! You know how the cobblers son has no shoes? Well, I feel like a Designer's home is never worked on, because our brains are normally fried! Thanks again for making me feel like it's not completely gone ;) 

What do you think? Are you going to marble up your decor now? 


Sasha from "House Dressing Style" said...

Love this! Wonder if I could faux-wallpaper a powder bath with this . . . hum . . . .

Stephanie @ bourbon and glitter said...

As somone who's not a fan of traditional artwork (art museums bore me to death, I know... I'm horrible and have no taste) this is such a great alternative for me to be able to have something on my walls! I love this idea, thanks for sharing. Obviously, I know nothing about framing so if I just went to a Hobby Lobby or similar store, they would know what I mean if I just walked up and said "Float it on top of the mat"?

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

So gorg! I did something similar to my bedroom as well.
Love your blog! Newest follower!

Lauren Johnson said...

Thanks Sasha!

Stephanie - Yes tell them you would like it floated or just say I want to see the edges on top of the mat.

Elizabeth - Beautiful! I can't wait to check out more!

Southern Clayrification said...

Love these, I've been looking for something over our master bed, and that beachy turquiose and gold is perfect, I just jumped on and ordered 4 different sheets for around the house, love this idea & thanks for sharing!

Jill said...

Love all the stuff on their website - thanks for posting this awesome idea!

Anonymous said...

You have great taste and I LOVE your blog! I find it fun and inspiring. I can never find the right art for my house and there's something about the floating marble paper that I really like. i just bought 2 different prints (x2 of each) and I can't wait to frame them. Thanks for sharing!!!

Sumana said...

I have been reading your blog for a month now and love it. When I saw this post , I went ahead and immediately ordered 2 sheets . It came today, these are gorgeous , can't wait to hang them.

Lisa said...

That is so crafty clever! Love :) Clicked thru from Facebook from someone who shared your post!

becky said...

What a cool idea! And I'm smiling over "Hobbly Lobbly" - I think I'm going to call it that from now on, ala "Wal-ma-Mart" ;)

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