Gloss or Matte?

My eye always goes towards sparkly things... and today that sparkly thing is the trend of High Gloss walls. No I don't mean the walls that were featured in the ever-popular, yet awkward-early-ending High Gloss magazine that only lasted a few months. I mean walls that are painted with a High Gloss Paint.

What do you favor? Gloss or Matte?
As you can see, it tends to fair well with black. Oh how I want to do a black and gold room... one day, for a very daring client. 


Stephanie @ bourbon and glitter said...

I love the gloss walls, they're so fun. Too much for an entire house for my taste, but in one or two rooms, I would love it!

Elizabeth @ The Little Black Door said...

Gloss all the way!

McKae @ Kaes Corner Design said...

I love the look! I don't think I could do it in my house because I feel like it would show little finger prints way too easily, but I love it for everybody else!

Sasha from "House Dressing Style" said...

Love High Gloss! But just yesterday wondered - how does one patch a nail hole in a high gloss painted room without it being too obvi. Humm.

Lauren Johnson said...

Good call Sasha, never thought of that! Re hang a picture to cover it up?

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