Lend me your hand.

So, the other day I saw a hand chair on the good ol' Wichita Craigslisty. Immediately I thought, "Gold Kelly Wearstler Chair!"... but as you will see in the end, it's just not the same. Here's a photo of her out-of-this-world office with two of the famous chairs. 
via - office
Then she used another one in a bath... that also has a foot. tad weird. 
via - dolce vita
 Emily used one in her office... that's wood.
small shop - via
 And Elle Decor used some birch wood ones with dirty fingernails.
elle - via
 But as you see the listing below... things got weird. What happened to the thumb?

Can anyone give me a hand on this? What is the deal? Is that a dent, or a cup-holder?


brandonandlindslitzner said...

i LOVE the hand chair KW uses in her office. Actually, i adore her entire office! and...i think you can work with the hand from craigslist (btw, what a find!!)....cupholder {yep, that's my vote} and all.

Jenny said...

wow how cool are those!! Love the gold ones. and yep looks like a cupholder, which is totally awesome.

Lili said...

HA! such a fun addition to a space!

Bianca said...

I'm gonna go with spot for your elbow... you know, like an arm rest. It just seems classier than cup holder somehow ;) And I think it looks too purposeful to be a dent....

Amber said...

Oh my goodness the Elle dirty fingernail comment cracked me up! These are pretty cute...and definitely something I had never thought about in a room!

Nat said...

Ha! I think it's a cup holder to be honest!

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