Turks & Cacios: Part Two

Yo, man... we eat at Da' Conch Shack & Rumbar. A MUST eat if you are ever in Turks. 
Take a taxi though... it's kinda in the middle of no-where.
Everything is painted in beautiful pastels...
Even the ketchup was cute.
And, we had to order a Rum Punch.. it's their specialty! How pretty!
There were lots of "Cheers" this week... I liked that.
And of course, like any Johnson Family would... we had coozies made for the trip.
Now on to the Conch. These were called Cracked Conch... (we weren't sure what we had gotten into when ordering) but think yummy little crunchy bites dipped in some sort of spicy mayo.
And this my friend is a Conch Fritter, like a hush puppy, Island style.
Here's how you get the Conch out... and then he made a random guy eat the slimey thing.
We bought a couple shells... and lesson learned... these guys do not haggle.
Hubbs and I with our new souvenir.

Now onto the crazy part. Parasailing. Here's my Mother-in-law, looks pretty happy right?
She was.
I on the other hand was a BIG BABY. Once we were up say a million feet... the operator (who I swear was Lil' John's twin) thought it would be funny to shake the rope from the boat. Not funny mister. Get me down before I feed the fish.
I survived though. And, here's the pretty family I don't really look like at.all.
And, the boys. Can you guess which one is mine?
The Newlyweds (my Sis-in-law) started a game of "Dirty Dancing Jumping". Thing could have gotten really bad, thankfully I was there to capture.
I give you a 10!
My sweet MIL and FIL.
Beach hair, don't care.
Gotcha hubs.
Part 3 tomorrow: Chef in the houzzz.

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