House Hunters: White + Black

Everyone who knows me, knows that I love a good white house with black shutters. It ventures into my dream home category. Here are a few I was browsing while dreaming this week. 
Even though you have siding house, I still love you (in white). 
It makes such a great backdrop for greenery in the front yard. The touch of pink in this one is just darling.
And complete with white fence, now you are really making my heart skip a beat. 


Alissa said...

I grew up in a white house with green shutters but I always, always wanted them to be black.

thenerdykatie said...

They look like the house from Father of the Bride! Love it :)

Fletcher @ High Cotton Style said...

I love black and white (and tan) homes!

Amy said...

sign me up for any of them, they all look idealic!
Coffee Beans and Bobby Pins

ChatterBlossom said...

The third one is so perfect!!
Your newest follower,

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