Summer in Scottsdale: Part 1

A couple weeks ago, to celebrate our upcoming 1st wedding anniversary, we took a little vaca to Scottsdale. If you haven't been there, its truly an amazing place to visit. A city filled with wonderful restaurants, to-die-for shopping, and fun activities. I never got bored of seeing cactus everywhere mixed in with palm trees, it's crazy! 

Pretty much we ate the whole vacation.

First night we went to Culinary Dropout, a fun young whipper-snapper place with iron ball and crystal chandeliers with mix matched chairs. - We sat in two wingbacks at a small round table. The staff wear whatever they want, and items on the menu are gastro-pub like. The appetizer we got below was Soft Pretzel bites and Provolone Fondue. Word. 

Old Town Scottsdale is a fun place to walk around and do the touristy thing, and at night the restaurants come alive. Sorry for the Miss America pose (I didn't know what to do with my hands...)

For lunch we hit up the famous Olive & Ivy. This would be the place to be seen for lunch/dinner/drinks. I had a pomegranate sangria, with purple sugar on the rim - Delish! Don't judge, I know it was lunch, but I was on vacation. Hubby had a beer brewed in the Grand Canyon - pretty neato.

Late night, we went to the Spotted Donkey, a hot Mexican Cantina, and I mean H-O-T-T. 
First we had Stuffed Jalapeno Shooters, in buttermilk ranch. Yum.

Then... we made a big mistake. At least I did. We also ordered this local salsa trio plate. Looking at the salsa on the right, I thought, "Oooo Peach Salsa - how refreshing!" This was nothing near Peach Salsa. It was Habanero Salsa... pretty much with flames shooting off of it. I took a huge bite, thinking peach and got flame instead. Unbearable flames. I immediately stared sweating, grabbed a huge swig of the wrong thing, and made it worse. Next thing I knew, I was drinking the buttermilk ranch to get the sting to stop. Terrible. This thing should have a warning flag sticking in it.

Stay tuned for more of the Scottsdale trip tomorrow...

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Bianca said...

Yum! Yum! Yum!

Great... now i'm craving Mexican food...

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