Colour Inspiration of the day.

Everyday we find color inspiration for many things (what to wear, what color of folder to pick for your office, what fabric choice, etc.) I am so inspired by color that I have started a folder for just this on my Pinterest. Below is the color inspiration of the day. Enjoy - I hope you get inspired like I do!

This was my color inspiration for my wedding. It brings me back every time I look at this photo.
Ok - not really just my wedding, but my color inspiration for my living room too. Whatevs. This is why I live a Navy and White life with gold and pops of pink. It's completely normal.

Previous bedroom color inspiration. 2009 B.M. (Before Marriage)

He said "No. Way."

First of all, just love this picture. Second of all, love the colors. End of story.
All images via Colour Inspiration

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