Summer in Scottsdale: Part 2

Welcome to beautiful Scottsdale. Waking up to this wasn't too shabby.

Lots of pools, it went swimmingly.

Cactus everywhere...

ALTO, a fun Italian restaurant on the resort, known for exceptional dishes, did not disappoint. They even brought out a special dessert with a chocolate gondola boat on top of their famous Creme Brulee that had a Happy Anniversary sign on it, made of chocolate! So fun!

After dinner you can  go on a boat ride, with a singing gondolier! He sang us a beautiful lovers romance in Italian, and then Oklahoma, just for fun!

We had a little cactus fun.

Next morning we decided to tackle the hike called Camelback Mountain.Thinking this was a leisurely stroll we could bring a picnic on, we quickly found out it's a legit mountain. No picnics allowed.  

1,300 ft elevation, pretty much vertical climbing.

Sweet and sweaty hubby.

Doing my "Rocky" dance at the summit of the mountain.

Just then, a helicopter flew by lower than us. So weird I have never been that close to one flying!

Looking down on Scottsdale, Phoenix, Mesa ...etc.

Cactus are everywhere on the trail!

That night we hit up the Saloon called the Rusty Spur in Old Town Scottsdale. They have dollar bills all over the wall, so we personalized our own for the anniversary. I hope we can go back and see it one day!

At a fun antique mall, they had the whole Last Supper representation with mannequins. Hm...

All over Scottsdale, they have grapefruit trees!! They don't ripen until around January. Trust me, we tried to open one and try it. Bad mistake. A little tart.

Of course we went sushi crazy. The Geisha House on Sunday night's is half price was insane.

To all - I strongly recommend Scottsdale. If you decide to go, let me know... we got a list.

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Rachel said...

Scottsdale looks awesome! I'd love to climb that mountain! :)

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