This day has to go down in the history books.... I. won. something! 

The other day I was browsing one of my fav interior designers, Tartan Scot, and just applied the giveaway to win this fantabulous tabletop design book, The Collected Tabletop, by Kathryn Crisp Greeley. And, slap, call my momma, I won! Not just the cool new book, an autographed copy! Thanks Mr. Tartan Scot!

I know what you're thinking. "I never win those things.." - that's what I used to say peeps. 

If you don't follow Tartan Scot, he has an amazing eye, and gives me great inspiration for my design. I also have been researching different Tartan design styles for an upcoming large project, that I will announce this week! 

Here are my favorite designs of his lately. 

via The adventures of tartanscot
One of the most beautiful gallery walls I have seen. 

Scot was featured in the Rue holiday issue last year, and it knocked my plaid socks off. I must say, great loafers Mr. Scot, great choice. 

This just shows, that you too can win giveaways, and put out forest fires. I can't wait for my book! 

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