Finial Fun.

I finally have lamps for my desk. After a new shade and a little finial fun, there is now light. For those of you who are thinking, "What the heck is a finial?" It's the little topper on a light fixture. A great place to add a little interest or personality. 
 I love the base and the ginger-jar shape of the fixture, and up top I did a pagoda shade with black and gold lining and a chinoiserie finial.
I also decided to start myself a new little tradition - Super Bowl Sunday Sundae (Sunday) - said is Al's voice. It was a great decision while watching the game which I cared nothing about. I think I will carry this tradition on to next year too. Maybe even next Sunday. 
If you want any information on the lamp shade and finial, just let me know! 

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Kristin H. said...

Cute!! Reminds me of the Tory burch emblem which I love!!

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