What's in her bag? Noble House Designs

Today for the What's in her bag? series I have the unique and stylish shop and blog owner, Sara, from Noble House Designs. A gal from Texas, who creates the coolest statement pieces I have every seen.  I think they are begging to be worn this summer with a cute chambray, or classic white t-shirt and maxi. Here a few of my favs from her shop. 

 Color Block Time
 Even though it's extremely hard to choose, I think this blue heaven one is my favorite. 

And now, for what's in her Kate Spade Bag...

1. RayBan Sunglasses Polarized - Have to have polarized sunglasses in Texas, its way too sunny!

2. IOMOI Iphone case.- I love IOMOI.....its west palm beach, 1970s and preppy all in one! http://iomoi.stores.yahoo.net/phonecases.html

3. Fendi Makeup bag - I have used this every day for over 10 years.  I love to use it for makeup, Advil and random things floating around my purse.  And it doubles as a bag to use when going out.  

4. Makeup - I use to work for Chanel Cosmetics in College and have been obsessed with their powder ever since.  My favorite lipstick is Bobbi Brown and Burt's Bees tinted lip-chap. But my favorite is the Bobbi Brown cream blush, i use it for lipstick and blush.  

5. Nail polish - In Houston, there is a cheap nail salon on every corner but they don't have good colors.  So i carry my own colors with me.  Essie - Marshmallow, the best white/pink color.  I have been wearing this for years and it looks great. Estee Lauder - I LOVE Estee Lauder nail polish. the most amazing colors and it stays on great.  I love this color!

6. Prada Wallet - I believe in black accessories!  they hide the daily wear and tear. 

7. Liberty for London Notebook - I stocked up when they were at target. And... Pens - I only write with sharpies.  

8. Prayer beads in Bright blue and Red.  Coming soon to my new website - www.nhdshop.com 

Don't forget to check out her EtsyFacebook and darling blog


Jessika Williams said...

I LOVE this girls necklaces! I did a statement piece post a while back and used pieces from her lovely store, and it may or may not have helped me land my new job ;) Love the idea of a simple top and maxi!

Bianca said...

Wow! These necklaces are incredible and so necessary to my life!

Erin said...

Gorgeous necklace selection! I love the pink/orange one!


Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

Sasha from "House Dressing Style" said...

LOVE Noble House Designs - I used the "Neon Vintage II" in a tablescape blog post shown here: http://www.housedressingstyle.com/2012/04/eddie-ross-modern-mix-tablescape-pink.html

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