2013 Design Trends

After a well needed break. I'm back, like Britney. I took a couple weeks off from blogging... one to just enjoy my family over the holidays, two because the shop has been grabbing my attention, and there were a couple days I didn't even know my name. 

But blah blah blah, I'm here now! The other day Elle Decor came out with their 2013 trends in design. I thought it was interesting, some are (duh) moments, and others... I don't really agree. Here she be. 
Trend #1= Lots of Brass. Completely agree. Brass has been peeking it's toe in the room with hardware, brass animals, and mirrors. Now it's ready for "It's best year". Who coined that phrase anyway? Oprah?  Isn't every new year, your best year? 
Trend #2 = Emerald Green. This is a duh. Not only is it an amazing color, it's the Pantone color of the year, which means we are going to see it in EVERYTHING. Sometimes that makes me sad, because some people overuse it. Just because it's the color of the year, don't make every accent in it, Target. You know who you are. 
Trend #3 = Lace. Hmmm.. seems a little winter to me, but whatever. Come on in lace. 
Trend #4 = Beige. This one I don't completely agree with. I'm sorry, but I thought you had been here already. Don't get me wrong, I love a little neutral, or a neutral room... but give me a light gray, not a builder's beige. 

What do you all think of the 2013 trends? All photos and trends via Elle Decor


McKae @ Kaes Corner Design said...

I completely agree with you! I like them all except the beige, that can stay gone a little longer.

Jessika Williams said...

"Like Britney" haha

Tarabelle said...

I love the look of brass but its has a funny smell that sticks to your hands if you touch it. That would be my only complaint... maybe i will stick with a faux which is much more budget friendly anyway.



Anonymous said...

NICE! Thanks for the info! I didn't know about lace! Huh. I am obsessed with brass so I'm happy it's so "trendy"! xoox

Stephanie said...

Welcome back Lauren! I agree with you, give me grey over beige any day. But that beige room is very pretty!

Emily Davis said...

Totally agree about the beige - SO not for me. But different strokes for different folks, right?!

xoxo, Emily

dreamingincashmere said...

I'm loving the brass trend and the green of course!!

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